Moving On…

Dear Friends in Christ,

Warm greetings from Mississauga. Some months have passed since our last update, and much has happened since then.

Moving on. After serving for 2 years as International Director of Emmanuel International, I (Doug) felt it was time to step away at the end of September. Over those 2 years, Malawi Widowsmy top priority was helping the International Board soberly evaluate the organization, and initiate changes designed to reinvigorate EI’s ministry among the world’s needy churches & people. By September, the Lord impressed upon my heart that I had led the process as far as I could, and it was time to move on and seek my next “assignment.”

In the meantime, the EI Board requested me to continue facilitating international administrative tasks in a part-time role during their transition period. For those of you who have faithfully supported my ministry… if you can continue for the next few months, this will allow me to complete my remaining tasks. In doing so, you play a key role in EI’s fruitful ministry around the world. Thank you very much. I will keep you updated.

What’s next? The reason I invested 2 years with Emmanuel was because their Mission Statement “Helping Churches Serve the Poor” is dear to my heart. Ideally, I would love to Doug & Barnetcontinue in some role which brings churches together in service to the world’s neediest people. I have been prayerfully exploring opportunities with various organizations and churches. The Lord knows, and in His good time He will let me know too! Your prayers – and words of wisdom – are most welcome. I am 56 years young, and have been blessed with a wealth of interesting experience. Now, I simply want to make the most of my remaining years, and hopefully can still be “useful to the Master” (2 Tim. 2:21). I have always been challenged by Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:8 – “Freely you have received; freely give.” I recognize that I have been richly blessed by God, and I sincerely want to be a channel of His blessing to others.


Doug, Bev, Beulah, Dave

Family update…

  • Beulah continues to serve faithfully as evening Head Nurse at Cawthra Gardens. She is deeply involved with her staff and the many seniors they serve, and considers this to be as much a ministry as a job. 
  • Bev & Mike live not too far away in Toronto, and we see them often. Bev takes some nursing courses and works in several places. Mike works in the family electrical business and studies part-time at Ryerson University. 
  • Dave works full-time in a warehouse, and continues to develop his interests in film production – a budding Steven Spielberg, we hope.

We have enjoyed getting more involved in our church MCBC (a thriving congregation with members from all over the world) – that’s when Doug is not speaking elsewhere on Sunday mornings. We always welcome opportunities to share the Word of God.

NativityFrom our family to yours, sincere wishes for a happy Christmas Season, full of the Lord’s blessing.

Sincerely in Christ,

Doug & Beulah

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International Travel & Board Meetings

Dear Friends in Christ,

planeIn my role as International Director of Emmanuel International, I am privileged to directly collaborate with a family of wonderful EI people around the world. Although this usually involves a lot of emailing and Skype conference calls, sometimes it requires international travel. Since January, this has brought me to the UK, the Philippines, Australia, Haiti and the USA. And later this week, it’s back to the UK and on to Africa.

Less exciting were the intense series of Board meetings, which required a great deal of preparation and follow-up. But good Board meetings result in decisions that ultimately benefit multitudes of needy people. God has blessed EI with committed Board teams in the countries where we have offices, and it is my privilege to work closely with them.

Some recent highlights and upcoming events:

Tent City in Haiti

Thousands of Haitians still live in Tent Cities

HAITI 2 YEARS ON. In January 2010, a massive earthquake devastated Haiti. 2 years later, rebuilding continues and life goes on. But rubble and ruins are still everywhere. And hundreds of thousands of the homeless still live in tent cities. Emmanuel International continues to partner with local churches assisting the brave and wonderful Haitian people.

ARIZONA HARVEST. In April, I participated in the Global Staff Conference of Harvest Foundation in Arizona. Harvest is an international leadership training ministry, similar to EI in many ways, empowering churches to serve the poor in their local communities. What a worthy cause!

UK & AFRICA. On Friday, I leave for 2 weeks:

Harvest - Africa Group

Meeting with African Leaders

  • Weekend meetings in the UK
  • Time with our northern Uganda team
  • Visit with EI’s founder George Middleton in Ethiopia
  • Meetings and project visits with our Malawi ministry
  • More meetings in the UK
  • Home to celebrate Canada’s birthday on July 1

What an honour to be part of EI’s global team, working together in our strategic mission of “helping churches serve the poor.” So many people are being touched by God’s love and truth. Thank you for your friendship, encouragement, financial support and prayers – sufficient motivation to persevere through sleepless night flights, gruelling meetings, and whatever else it takes to get the job done!

In His service,


Harvest Staff Conference

Harvest Staff Conference

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Home to/from the Philippines… and a note about Kony!

Dear Friends in Christ,

Catanus Family

Beulah with her Mom and some family members

After 30,000 miles and 18 flights, it was good to get home last Thursday. Beulah and I enjoyed a tremendous 2 weeks in the Philippines, visiting our 2 “homes” (Kabankalan and Dumaguete), spending in-depth time with many friends & loved ones, and sorting through all the personal effects we left there 4 years ago.

While Beulah stayed with her family in Kabankalan, Doug traveled for a week on Emmanuel business:

CDO Tent City

Flood victims living in "Tent City"

  • Cagayan de Oro – Planning meetings with EI staff and local church leaders, in this city that was devastated by floods last December. Together we are helping resettle many of the victims who lost their homes and are living in “Tent Cities.”
  • Manila – Meetings with EI Philippines’ board and staff.
  • Australia – Meetings in Perth with EI Australia’s board and supporters, plus an opportunity to challenge students at Trinity Theological Seminary.

One of the highlights on our final weekend was the baptism of 20 new believers – results of a Bible Study ministry by Beulah’s younger brother. Beulah is part of an amazing family, especially her 93-year-old mother, who is an inspiration to us all! It was a busy 2-week marathon of meetings and travel… we thank God for health, safety, blessings and accomplishments all along the way.

Northern Uganda and “Kony.” You may have heard about the Internet phenomenon this past week, in which a video about northern Uganda called Kony 2012 was viewed on YouTube more than 70 million times! The video focuses on Joseph Kony, evil leader of the feared Lord’s Resistance Army who terrorized their people for 20 years. The LRA were finally driven out in 2006, and the people have been returning to their villages and trying to re-establish normal lives. Emmanuel International, in partnership with the Church of Uganda, has a team right in the middle of all this, helping widows, orphans, returned abductees and needy families. Doug played a key role in establishing this ministry last year, and you can read his article about northern Uganda here.

Northern Uganda

Northern Uganda

Last summer, EI produced a riveting, high-quality 7-minute mini-documentary about northern Uganda called Hope & Healing. We invite you to view it and to share it with friends. Since everybody is talking about northern Uganda these days, we want to draw attention to the fantastic work being done there right now by the EI team. Their selfless service deserves more than 70 million views!

Thank you once again, in Jesus’ name, for your encouragement, prayers & financial support.

In His love,

Doug & Beulah

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England, Philippines, Australia

Dear Friends in Christ,

It’s “Travel Season” again. And though it’s definitely not vacation time, it will be full of meaning and blessing.

UK Leadership

With EI UK Board & Staff

England. Last weekend I was privileged to join the Emmanuel International Annual Conference in Sunbury Court, London. What a wonderful group of people we have in the UK, supporting and serving with EI’s worldwide ministries.

Philippines. Tomorrow morning, Beulah and I head “home” to the Philippines for 2 weeks. It has been 4 years since we moved back to Canada, and we are excited about seeing our many Filipino friends and loved ones again! Beulah will spend the time at home in Kabankalan, while I travel around visiting EI’s personnel and ministries, and meeting with our Philippines Board.

AustraAustralialia. While over there, I’ll zip down to Australia for 2 days with EI’s supporters and Board. It’s my first time “down under,” and I look forward to a fruitful visit. One highlight will be the opportunity to meet with students at Trinity Theological College.

International Board of Directors. I would appreciate prayer for EI’s 9-member International Board. We are working closely together to discern the best directions for Emmanuel International. Wisdom and clear guidance are needed from the Lord at each step along the way.

Beulah and I will be home on Thursday, March 8, with a report on our time in Asia. (For our Facebook Friends, watch for occasional updates!) You can still email us any time.

Thank you once again for your encouragement, prayer and support. What a privilege to serve the Lord with the global EI family, making a difference in the lives of so many people.

Sincerely in Christ,

Doug (& Beulah)

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New Year Reflections

Dear Friends in Christ,

As a New Year approaches, we pause to reflect on God’s goodness to the Andersons in 2011.

Beulah & Bev

The 2 Most Beautiful Girls

The highlight for our family was Bev’s wedding in August. It was a day full of love and joy. Mike & Bev are off to a good start. They live in Toronto about 25 minutes from us. Both continue their university education while working part-time.

Dave just turned 22, and lives with us here in Mississauga. He continues to pursue a career in film production, with a particular interest in script writing.

Beulah continues her faithful service at Cawthra Gardens Long-Term Care Facility. She often goes the extra mile, because this is much more than a job… it’s an opportunity to minister to the residents, families, and fellow-staff.

Doug continues his role as International Director of Emmanuel International, coordinating EI’s activity in 11 countries. There are many challenges – but each challenge brings opportunities. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Doug and EI in the New Year.

Flood Victims

Flood Victims

Christmas this year for us was overshadowed by the typhoon and flood last week in our home area of the Philippines (Dumaguete and nearby provinces). Doug was busy over Christmas helping EI launch a program to help churches in the devastated area assist 500 of the neediest families. Perhaps before the end of the year, you might consider participating. Visit for more info. Thank you.

From our family to yours …
May the coming New Year be full of God’s blessing and joy.

With our love,

Doug & Beulah (& Dave & Bev & Mike)

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