Doug’s Christmas Message to Emmanuel International

Manger SceneOn Christmas Eve, I distributed a video clip to all members of the Emmanuel International worldwide family – Home Staff, Board Members, Overseas Personnel and Key Supporters.  Since you are part of our Support Team, Beulah and I thought you might enjoy watching the 5-minute “Christmas Message from the International Director.” In the video clip (below), I share from my heart about Christmas, Emmanuel, and the mission God has called EI to fulfill.

Please note: This is first home video I ever made! It was shot by my son Dave late last night in our living room on my Blackberry… then prepared overnight using a free video-editing program.  It is NOT very slick or polished.  The camera jiggles, some transitions are rough, and worst of all, the volume is too low (except for the music, which is much louder than the speech!)  So when you are ready to watch, TURN DOWN YOUR RADIO and TURN UP YOUR COMPUTER’S VOLUME.  (We will produce more video clips in the future, and I promise, they will get better with time!)Emmanuel International

Nevertheless, the message comes from my heart.  So if you can bear with the editorial imperfections, I trust you will be blessed and encouraged.

THANK YOU for your prayers and support, as I give leadership to the global EI team.  Praise God for using us together to touch many thousands of needy people with His love and truth.  And the best is yet to come.

From our family to yours, sincere wishes for a very happy and meaningful Christmas, wherever you will spend it.  And may God richly bless you in the New Year ahead.

Warmly in Christ,

Doug & Beulah

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