Christmas and Uganda

Dear Friends in Christ,

Christmas is a great time to count our blessings and reflect over the past year. God is so good to all of us!

Uganda KidsFor me, this year’s highlight was my involvement with the precious people of northern Uganda. Emmanuel International, in partnership with the Church of Uganda, is expanding ministry among a population recovering from years of war. We have been preparing a long-range training program for village health volunteers and rural pastors. EI will send the first of several teams in January, and I am VERY excited about this ministry!

JUST PUBLISHED! The 7-minute mini-documentary we shot during my visit to Uganda in July is now on YouTube (see below). This high-quality video captures the spirit of the people, their needs, and the good work of church leaders and EI.
Please watch the video
… then please share it with others.
I believe it will help you – as it did me – to see Christmas in perspective.

The Uganda video leads to a special EI site (, where viewers can participate financially. I encourage you to consider contributing to this excellent ministry, thereby blessing a great many people for years to come.

We also welcome any assistance with our missionary support at this time. Being the end of the year, this is a strategic time to give (see How to Help). This will help us “top up” our support requirements, because we are a bit short. If God puts this in your heart, THANK YOU for your help and encouragement at this time.

Emmanuel InternationalIn my role as International Director of Emmanuel International, as much time is spent on Policy Manuals and Board Meetings as on developing programs such as the one in Uganda. All are a necessary part of a thriving ministry. Your prayers are appreciated. The mission faces great challenges, but has great opportunities. God’s guidance and help are needed as we discern the best way forward.

Meanwhile, let’s all celebrate again the coming of mankind’s Saviour, and worship together at the manger. May God’s richest blessings be with you and your loved ones at this time.

Warmly in Christ,
Doug (& Beulah)

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Policy Manuals & Planes

Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you so much for your interest, encouragement and prayer support! It has now been 9 months since I resumed my ministry with Emmanuel International. The Lord has been greatly helping me with the challenges of leading a global organization of wonderful people in many countries. But there is a ton of work ahead, to get us all more focused and excellent, and to extend our ministry to many more needy countries, churches and people.

I have deliberately avoided airports these past Policy Manualfew months, to complete work on a vital 15-page Policy Manual that significantly update’s EI’s guiding principles and organizational structure. Not the most dazzling activity to write about – but it has HUGE implications for future ministry, and that gets me REALLY excited! And I am happy to report that after working on this night and day since the beginning of the year, the new document has been approved by the Board of Directors – and now goes to the Membership for ratification this week. I believe God is at work among us, and a new day for Emmanuel International is about to dawn.

May I please ask for your special prayers these next few days. I am organizing an all-day Board Meeting on Friday, and really feel the need for God’s help. Most of all, please join me in praying that the Lord will show us all clearly what HE wants us to do.

Acholi PeopleThis has been a season of reorganization… and now the season of ACTION has arrived! Which includes airports again… In July, a week in England with EI’s many UK friends; followed by a week in Uganda. I will be taking a video guy with me to shoot a mini-documentary about the needs and opportunities among the Acholi people of northern Uganda, where EI has been serving for 25 years. These precious people have suffered years of war and unspeakable atrocity, and are now settling down and trying to resume normal life. What an opportunity for God’s people to help! Stay tuned for updates in coming weeks.

Thank you once again for your encouragement, prayer and financial support. May God continue to richly bless you and yours.

In His service,
Doug (& Beulah)

P.S. Beulah is off to Chicago on Wednesday to visit some of her clan. I’ll join her there on Saturday for a wedding event, and speak at the Filipino church on Sunday. The next big wedding after that is our very own Beverly, on August 13 – less than 8 weeks to go!

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South Africa… and Home for a While

Dear Friends in Christ,

Pretoria 4

With EI's 3 Africa Reps

I recently returned from South Africa (an amazing country – what a contrast between wealth and poverty!) While there, I participated in a global gathering of ministry leaders helping churches respond to poverty in their communities.

Three of Emmanuel International’s Africa representatives joined me. What an challenging week of inspiration (and late-night strategy sessions). We all returned home better equipped, and more committed than ever to our calling – helping churches communicate God’s transforming love among the poor. Churches such as these:

  • Anglicans planting new churches and providing clean drinking water in Tanzania
  • OEBB repairing earthquake-damaged homes and serving cholera victims in Haiti
  • ABCCOP helping people improve their income in the Philippines
  • Church of Uganda assisting widows, orphans and war victims return to normal life
  • EBCM training leaders for missions to unreached people in Malawi and beyond

Emmanuel’s committed personnel are right there with them, training and encouraging their leaders, and providing project assistance. God’s people in these countries always amaze us – sacrificially reaching out with God’s love and truth, despite their own poverty.

Home for a while. After South Africa, I was home for a week, then back to England for a Board Meeting. Now I am enjoying a season of non-travel – with Policy Manuals to edit, Accounting Systems to develop, Boards to interact with – all the important behind-the-scenes tasks that let the Tanzania, Haiti, Philippines, Uganda and Malawi stories happen.

Doug Buingo and Bob

Ministry Colleagues

6 months on… It has been 6 months since I began my role as International Director, and God is helping and blessing. We envision Emmanuel eventually helping thousands of churches to serve millions of people… and that’s why I’m doing this!

We welcome you to participate. All of us at Emmanuel do our best to raise our own support, in the noble tradition of faith missions. And yes, we can really use some extra help in this department. One-time gifts are much appreciated, and so is regular monthly support. All the info you need is here. Or call me any time (647-309-7375).

Thank you once again for your encouraging words and your prayer on our behalf. God is at work in interesting ways.

In His service,
Doug (& Beulah)

DNA Conference

Conference Participants (That is me, near top right!)

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Planes and Policy Manuals

This evening, I’m off to South Africa for 10 days. (It always feels great to be Africa-bound!) I will participate in an international Conference bringing together church and ministry leaders from around the world. This is a movement that encourages churches in developing countries to reach out to the poor in their communities, combining courageous faith with creative use of local resources.

Helping churches serve the poor is what Emmanuel International is all about. So our ministry leaders from Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi will join me at the Conference – to develop our vision of what God wants to do through us, and to engage in some serious planning sessions. It will be an inspiring (and busy) week! Please pray for God to show us all how best to serve Him together.

After the Conference (in Pretoria), I’ll spend the weekend visiting EI’s ministry in Cape Town, before returning home on March 8.

In Miami with leaders from Brazil & Haiti

Since Christmas, the pace has been intense:

  • A week visiting resource ministries in Pennsylvania, Arizona and California.
  • Many late nights drafting a new Policy Manual.
  • 3 days in Miami consulting our ministry leaders from Brazil and Haiti – then over to London for the Annual Conference of our UK organization.
  • More late nights updating the Policy Manual – and setting up a new accounting system. (I’m no accountant, but QuickBooks compensates for that!)
  • Now off to South Africa, with a meeting in London en route.

In the UK with friends from UK & Tanzania

Crafting a detailed Policy Manual is neither fun nor glamourous. But EI is a worldwide family of organizations and churches, and we need an updated set of guidelines, to serve effectively together.  Please pray for us to emerge from this process with a renewed sense of His call, with oneness of spirit, and with a game plan to reach multitudes in many countries with God’s love and truth.

THANK YOU for your part with us. May you experience His grace in your life.

In His service,
Doug (& Beulah)

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Doug’s Christmas Message to Emmanuel International

Manger SceneOn Christmas Eve, I distributed a video clip to all members of the Emmanuel International worldwide family – Home Staff, Board Members, Overseas Personnel and Key Supporters.  Since you are part of our Support Team, Beulah and I thought you might enjoy watching the 5-minute “Christmas Message from the International Director.” In the video clip (below), I share from my heart about Christmas, Emmanuel, and the mission God has called EI to fulfill.

Please note: This is first home video I ever made! It was shot by my son Dave late last night in our living room on my Blackberry… then prepared overnight using a free video-editing program.  It is NOT very slick or polished.  The camera jiggles, some transitions are rough, and worst of all, the volume is too low (except for the music, which is much louder than the speech!)  So when you are ready to watch, TURN DOWN YOUR RADIO and TURN UP YOUR COMPUTER’S VOLUME.  (We will produce more video clips in the future, and I promise, they will get better with time!)Emmanuel International

Nevertheless, the message comes from my heart.  So if you can bear with the editorial imperfections, I trust you will be blessed and encouraged.

THANK YOU for your prayers and support, as I give leadership to the global EI team.  Praise God for using us together to touch many thousands of needy people with His love and truth.  And the best is yet to come.

From our family to yours, sincere wishes for a very happy and meaningful Christmas, wherever you will spend it.  And may God richly bless you in the New Year ahead.

Warmly in Christ,

Doug & Beulah

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